Getting Top Dollar: Preparation is Key

For most of us, our home is our biggest and most important investment.


When we decide to sell, it makes sense to make the most of the opportunity. By preparing your home prior to listing, a short term investment of time and money, you can realize a remarkable return. A recent example of this happened when one of our clients invested approximately $10,000 in preparing their home for sale. The result ending with multiple offers, a sale price more than $20,000 over asking, their ideal closing date, and the original $10,000 investment was added to the asking price beforehand! Further, the buyers were happy because they bought a home in move in condition, and nothing further needed to be done. A win-win transaction for both sides!
Our team‟s approach to realizing the full potential is a systematic one for our clients. With steps as follows:
1) Evaluate the home “as is” versus what it could be with preparation.
2) Have a professional stager/detailer come to the home and give a detailed report of cosmetic recommendations.
3) Have a home inspector inspect the property and give a report in regards to the structure and components.
4) Meet with the sellers to discuss the reports and agree to a plan of action. This includes a consultation as to return on investment and time lines.
5) The home goes to market and offers are held until a pre set presentation day and time of about one week from commencement. This way the home has time to be exposed to the market to attract top market value. Many times this results in multiple offers.


This is a successful formula that we have applied our skills of co-ordination and negotiation to attain above average results. To illustrate, we have statistics that indicate that the do it your self approach averages approximately 94% of asking price, the real estate board full service approach averages approximately 97% of asking price and our team results with the aforementioned approach are over 100% of asking price!
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